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5 reasons to road trip to Telluride

I always enjoy the writing of local Jesse McTigue- here's another fun piece on why you should drop everything and road trip to Telluride- enjoy............


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First Time Home Buyers are back in the market!!

Interesting how the real estate cycle works, on a national level and similarly here in Telluride's real estate market- post the economic meltdown, people just wanted to rent and not own. Some buyers lost the abillity to buy. More and more loc...

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Prices are going up across the board

Telluride real estate is moving right along the lines of the thinking of realtors' nationwide. Take a moment and read this quick piece from NAR.

REALTORS® Expect Prices to Increase at a Slightly Faster Pace in Next 12 Months


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Houston RE market still hot amidst oil price decline

Great read from the Wall Street Journal on how the Houston market shows no signs of slowing down with the decline in oil prices, which is great news for Telluride as Houston is a major draw for second homeowners/visitors........enjoy.


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Art sales going gangbusters!

Christies International and Sotheby's auction houses having big time sales...........

Picasso and Giacometti Artworks Top $120 Million Each at Christie’s Sale

By SCOTT REYBURN date published MAY 11, 2015 9:32 PM date updated

To a med...

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Rueters’ Article on Surge in Housing Market

Good article from Rueters': 1) Existing home sales up 6% in March and 2) median sales price up 7.8% from last year..............

Behind the Housing Market’s Spring Surge

REUTERS/Mike Blake

April 22, 2015

The housing market is eme...

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Ski Company posts a record ski season!!!

Telski posts a record winter season admist so-so ski conditions- speaks volumes to the momentum this resort and town has going right now; enjoy.

Telluride Ski Resort has record season

VP of Sales and Marketing departing for Idaho resort

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Cost of Housing Soaring!

Great article from CNBC on how housing costs are soaring and renters are paying more in rent than a typical mortgage- get into the game!!

Cost of housing soars: How high can it go?

The housing recovery is coming at a steep price—for bot...

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