Scary moment at A-Basin when a lift passenger's backpack got caught on the lift.  Ballzy rescue from a friend who climbed a tower and slack-lined himself to the chair- Band of Brothers:


According to the Denver Post, an unconscious man was dangling from his backpack on a lift at Arapahoe Basin in Colorado on Wednesday, and his amazing slackliner friend saved him. No, this is not a Bumion article. This is real life action sports heroism right here. 

The slackliner, Mickey Wilson, climbed up the lift tower, shimmied 30-ish feet across the lift's cable, and cut his friend (technically "friend-of-a-friend") free with a knife. 

The guy, who had fainted because the backpack was restricting his airway, fell 15 feet into the safe, warm arms of the ski patrollers below him. 

Wilson told the Denver Post that his slacklining experience is what made the whole thing possible. 

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