Here's a great article from "American Way", a publication done by American Airlines featuring the golf experience at the Telluride Golf Club- enjoy.......

High Times

Raise your game with a round of golf in Telluride, Colorado, a city whose charm and elusiveness continue to entice visitors looking for both greens and a great experience

 Towering mountains and scenic views intertwined with verdant golf courses. Seen one, seen them all, especially if you’re a veteran golf traveler looking for a welcome respite from the oppressive summer heat. But occasionally, you’ll run into such a wonderfully hidden gem, you’re willing to put up with a town whose name stems from the phrase “To Hell You Ride” just to experience it.

 Nowhere have that seasonal mixture of mountain golf and scenic conditions combined more perfectly than in the tiny Colorado town of Telluride, which gained its nickname due to its splendidly inaccessible location (unless you’re flying directly there on American Airlines, of course). It’s six hours by car from the Colorado capital of Denver and four from the trendy and crowded Vail and Aspen. But this no-stoplight hamlet of just over 2,300 people offers up a hip yet unpretentious vibe, and this time of year, summer golf is a star attraction.

 In 1992, when the good townspeople finally got around to adding golf to their recreational options, they made sure it fit into the town’s trademark, laid-back charm. Interestingly, there remains considerable intrigue about who the actual designer (or designers) of the course was. Perhaps it was a local, little-known architect or maybe a city committee. Some speculate that a star PGA Tour golfer had a hand in the creation. But no one knows for sure, and the story changes depending on which local you ask. This mystery just adds to the appeal of a course that feels like a well-kept secret.

 Telluride Golf Club plays to a par 70 at 6,546 yards from the back tees into the towering mountains. At 9,417 feet above sea level, the par-4 first hole features one of the nation’s most elevated opening tees with a slowly twisting, right-to-left fairway with meadows, mountains and huge homes all along the right side. You’ll be walking or riding downhill to start with, which you’ll appreciate by the end of your round — especially at a place that sells “Got Oxygen?” shirts in the gift shop.

The par-3 third hole, which is located adjacent to the Peaks Resort and Spa, offers a trademark Alpine challenge. It’s 235 yards from the back tee with a large pond in front of the green — so big that hitters often go for the green and risk either watery disaster in front or sandy trouble behind. The safer (though less exciting) play might be to lay up and try to get up and down for par from the fairway.

When you come to the snack shack after the uphill par-3 ninth hole, it would be a shame not to stop for a Halfway House burger. Made from local grass-fed beef and fresh toppings, the club’s burger was recently named one of the top nine on-course burgers in America by Golf Magazine. There is no shame in admitting that a stop here was the highlight of your round.

Almost as good as the halfway food is the adjacent mountainous view above the downhill par-4 10th hole. Standing on the elevated tee box, it’s as if you’re looking at an enormous landscape painting. The massive mountains in the distance are covered by twisted trees, large boulders and a delicate haze of clouds.

The signature par-3 17th hole requires you make a 92-stonestep climb from the cart path to the upper tee box, revealing sweeping panoramic views of the towering San Miguel mountain range. The climb to the top will take your breath away — literally.

It’s hard to keep your eye on the ball at Telluride with such scenic surroundings, and perhaps that’s part of the appeal. To Hell You Ride to get here, but you have a Heck of a Visit when you arrive.