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New parking regulations in the Mountain Village to take effect December 22, 2023………

During a special meeting held on Thursday, November 30, the Mountain Village Town Council made the decision to adopt revised parking rates, incorporating a few adjustments from the initial proposal. The new parking regulations are to go into effect starting December 22, 2023.
Throughout the meeting, the council considered numerous in-person public comments and acknowledged the abundance of written feedback received on the subject. Following discussions with staff and deliberations on various options, the council unanimously voted to endorse a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Telluride Ski & Golf, introducing parking fees for structures and lots across Mountain Village. Notable modifications to the draft MOU presented at the meeting include:
1. Adjusting the price of the employee commuter winter season pass to $100 (originally proposed at $200, transferrable among four vehicles).
2. Introducing a winter season locals pass for residents of the Telluride R-1 School District and San Miguel County for $200 (transferrable among four vehicles).
3. Altering resident permit parking allowances throughout Mountain Village.
4. Modifying evening parking rates in the Heritage Parking Garage.
The approved changes encompass tiered winter-only daytime rates for the Gondola Parking Garage and Meadows Lot, along with new year-round parking rates at the South Village Lot, Heritage Parking Garage, and North Village Lot. Additionally, new overnight parking rates and heightened parking violation rates were sanctioned.
For the winter season only, daily rates in both the Gondola Parking Garage and Meadows Parking Lot will be $10 per day from Monday through Thursday and $15 per day from Friday through Sunday for those without a resident, commuter/employee, or locals permit. What will be missed is the free first hour of parking.
Resident permit parking along the rock wall will be exclusively available in the Market Plaza Lot after 3 p.m. Nevertheless, the council opted to grant resident permit holders two hours of complimentary parking in the South Village Center Lot and unrestricted daytime parking in the North Village Center Lot.
A comprehensive overview of the new rates can be accessed online at The council has determined that the new rates will take effect on Friday, December 22, 2023.
Details on how to renew a resident permit and apply for the new commuter and locals parking permits will be disseminated to the community once the Town’s new parking program is launched.
These approved parking policy and rate changes stem from over a year of collaboration with Walker Consultants, a reputable parking consultant. Walker conducted an analysis that benchmarked Mountain Village parking against 12 other resort/mountain communities. The analysis revealed that the primary contributor to winter parking issues is free parking in the Gondola Parking Garage and Meadows Lot, leading to an excess of single occupancy vehicles.
The additional revenue generated from the new parking rates will support funding for existing parking system maintenance and operations, advancing the Town’s progress towards the future expansion of the Gondola Parking Garage, which is projected to add over 400 parking spaces on two additional levels.
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