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The Little Town In Colorado That Might Just Be The Most Unique Town In The World

Colorado is home to some pretty unforgettable locales. All the way from the Western Slope to the High Plains, Colorado is gushing with things to do and places to see.

But one town in the Centennial State could be deemed the most unique in all the land. Whether it’s the chunky boxed canyon in which Telluride sits, or the free gondola rides locals and visitors enjoy all year round, there are more than a handful of reasons this small town in Colorado is unlike any other place in the world. Take a look.

For starters, the town sits at the bottom of a box.


Wikimedia Commons/Terry Foote

Called a "box canyon," the sunken rectangle in which the town of Telluride is situated is between two pairs of steep enscarpments that form a "box" around the town. Panoramic views yield something interesting in every direction, including Bridal Veil Falls at the head of the Canyon and the abandoned ruins of old mining operations along the hillsides.

Bridal Veil Falls is a stunning spectacle responsible for attracting people from all over the world to Telluride.



The 365-foot waterfall is the tallest in the Centennial State and commands nothing short of awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping amazement to all who see her. It's a short 1.8-mile moderate hike to the trail head up there next to that large white building you see in this photo. That, by the way, is the power plant.

Remnants of old mining operations dot the vertical landscape that surrounds Telluride.


Flickr/Ken Lund

The simple fact that hills were once mined for silver and gold deposits makes this unique box canyon one of the few places in the world where you can stand on Main Street and be ensconced in a bowl laced with flecks of gold and silver.

Not many places in the world name a town after something that has absolutely no physical ties to the place.


Wikimedia Commons/Rob Lavinsky,

According to Wikipedia, the name Telluride was derived from the mineral Telluride (a.k.a. Calaverite, or Gold Telluride). However, that mineral was never ever mined in the area now known as Telluride.

Telluride sports a top notch outdoor music venue.


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The stage at "Town Park" is host to a variety of legendary entertainers, including Neil Young who recently played two shows in this sunken outdoor amphitheatre. Nestled in the bottom of the canyon with stellar views that include Bridal Veil Falls, this natural acoustic wonder is the perfect setting for outdoor concerts.

Telluride's own version of the New York subway both literally and figuratively lifts public transportation to an all new level.


TripAdvisor/Carley P

Perhaps the single-most thing that catapults Telluride to the front of the line for "Most Unique Town In The Land" is the signature people movers they use for public transportation. FREE public transportation.

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Over the last several decades Telluride has become a major player in the all-season-resorts arena.


Flickr/Michel Buck

Sure, in the winter she's all about snow adventures including the major ski resort at the top of the mountain. But this world class resort town attracts visitors all year round.

Not many places around the world have world class transportation for everyone, for FREE.



Any day of the year, locals and visitors alike can use Telluride's Free Gondola to make their way between the town at the bottom of the valley and the Mountain Village up top.

Shopping, grazing or just gawking...



the free gondola will get your there and back in style, with an optional stop in between.

From the beautiful Aspens that frame Main Street in this charming boxed town...


TripAdvisor/drustrange the quaint small town feel of historic Telluride,



..and the hospitable free gondolas to Mountain Village...


TripAdvisor/Gordman B

Telluride, Colorado just may be the most unique town in the world.

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