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Town of Telluride real estate short term rental fees for ’24 and beyond…..

The Town of Telluride has amended its short-term rental ordinance, which has implications on the type of license required for your short-term rental (STR) and the cost associated with legally operating an STR in Telluride. The Clerk’s Department is still working to implement new STR software, however, and we want to ensure you have plenty of time to learn about these changes and help us fill out the forms in advance of the software release date.

Please see below for a breakdown of license types and associated fees, some of which have increased significantly. If you are unsure about which type of license(s) your home requires, please contact us at [email protected].

Classic License
A classic license issued by the Town is available for all STR properties in Non-Residential Zones.
A classic license requires an STR administrative fee of $288 and a regulatory fee of $857 per bedroom.
Nightly Stay Restrictions: No calendar year nightly rental limitations.

Residential License
A residential Town license is available for all STR properties in a Residential Zone; HT, HD-1, HD-2, R, HR and MDR.
Those who qualify for a residential license are not subject to the $857 per bedroom regulatory fee, but are required to maintain a STR business license of $66 per sleeping room and the STR administrative fee of $288.
Night Stay Restrictions: STRs within the residential areas noted above are subject to night stay restrictions of no more than three short-term stays of less than 29 days, and three long term stays per year.

If you accept stays for longer than 30 days, you’ll also need a Mid-Term license, which is a license required for leasing an STR property within the Town in excess of 29 nights, but less than six months. There are no STR fees associated with this license, however, it is required if you accept stays longer than 29 days at your property. We will follow up with another email before 2/1/24 sent from [email protected] to collect the information or supporting documentation we need to renew your license.

Once we secure the necessary license(s) on your behalf, the Town requires they be posted in a prominent place on premises and will need to be renewed annually. Licenses are not transferable between STR owners or properties.
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